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Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy and wisdom. Its goal, besides physical health, is the condition of spirit and soul.
Yoga means “to unify – to join”. A connection between soul, spirit and body is created. With the help of breathing techniques, meditation, concentration and body exercises, the consciousness is extended and a feeling of balance is developed.
Yoga is not a sport, but it is more of an attitude towards life. With regular practice it supports you in all areas of life.
It is a way of acceptance and of release, of learning to feel and get to know yourself better.
Do yourself some good and allow yourself more time to reflect on yourself.
Vinyasa Yoga:
Yoga means „the union of body, mind and soul”. Vinyasa Power Yoga evolved in the USA during the early 1990s. This new yoga type derives from the Indian Asthanga tradition, a very old type of yoga, and came to the USA in the late 1970s.
This Yoga type is characterized by various body positions and controlled breathing techniques, which are synchronized and kept together in a fluent sequence. The continuous, active state of energy provides your body with fitness and harmony. The exercises loosen and strengthen the muscle system and balance out the spinal column as well as the skeleton. The Vinyasa exercises generate a deep and purifying warmth. The inner organs are strengthen and detoxified. The goal of Vinyasa Yoga is to slacken the endogenous Chi and let your Prana/Chi circulate again, or rather recover your body’s balance.
In combination with your breathing’s natural flow, the Asanas stimulate the Chakras and inspire the mind.

Bodega moves:
“Bodega moves” is the perfect approach to specifically shape and strengthen your body and this way keep it fit and vital.
The name stands for „Bodyworks meets Yoga“, alreadyhinting at a functional whole-body-workout, fat burning included!
It combines elements of bodyshaping with Asanas from Vinvasa Power Yoga. Power and pleasure in movement meet body tension and balance.
Your core is stabilized by strengthening yourcore-musculature. Also your dorsal muscles are stabilized and made more powerful and flexible. “Bodega moves” provides not only our body but also our mind with more energy.