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Where the scent of wellbeing is in the air

Living dreams

Recharge your batteries today for tomorrow

A world of regeneration

Every path takes you back to nature

Activities in natural surroundings

Idyllic gem

A guest in the natural world. Your hotel in Riva di Tures

More nature. More time. More pleasure. More relaxation. At 1,600 m, surrounded by forests, meadows, babbling brooks and imposing mountain peaks, these are the values, which signify true luxury. They are a silent invitation to experience and enjoy your holiday with all your senses. In the Natur Idyll Hochgall, our hotel in Riva di Tures, where you are not just spectators, but totally involved in the theatre of the natural world.

Enjoy life

Our holiday offers. Discover something different each day

22.02.2015 - 20.03.2015
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5 nights
from 620,00 €
2 nights
from 255,00 €
7 nights
from 840,00 €
from 308,00 €

The living experience

With style. With charm. With a love for detail and for the natural world


Space to breathe

As soon as you step over the threshold of your room or your suite, you will feel: Here I have arrived. Here I can be myself. Here I can relax. Breath-taking views of mountains, meadows, forests and the little mountain village of Riva. Dream. Doze. Read. In a bed made from local wood, on furniture in the Alpine style. And let your thoughts wander.

Nature in her element

A little taste of paradise: the Aurina and Tures Valleys

Idyllic villages. The Glaciers of the Eastern Alps. The breath-taking world of the mountains of the Vedrette di Ries mountain range and its highest peak, the Collalto/Hochgall. A fantastic natural landscape. It would be difficult to find anything more varied and natural anywhere else in the world.
The Aurina Valley - a holiday dream
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7 nights (Sunday - Sunday)
08.03.2015 - 15.03.2015
Panoramablick (Panorama View) Suite - 36m²
only 1 Double bedroom available
1.820,00€  (1.876,00€)
for 2 adults
(You can save 56,00€)
3 nights (Tuesday - Friday)
10.03.2015 - 13.03.2015
Double room Rieserferner - 24m²
only 1 Double bedroom available
616,00€  (684,00€)
for 2 adults
(You can save 68,00€)
4 nights (Tuesday - Saturday)
10.03.2015 - 14.03.2015
Double room Rieserferner - 24m²
only 1 Double bedroom available
792,00€  (832,00€)
for 2 adults
(You can save 40,00€)